DO us a favour. When next you pop across to your friendly neighbourhood Hyperama or Pick N Pay or Shoprite, see if you can buy more than five bags of groceries for R1,250.

You probably won’t have to, because in these times of economic hardship and below-par governance we’re all living Standard to Poor – you already know what you’ll be getting and if you don’t, we’ve done the exercise for you:

One-thousand-two-hundred-and-fifty South African Rondts (about $US85 or GBP60) will buy you more or less the following:  A bag of potatoes, 1 Box Each of Rusks, Breakfast Cereal, Tagless Tea Bags, Cream Crackers, Washing Powder, Dog Biscuits (House Brands); Loofah Shower Sponge, Gaviscon Extra Strength Heartburn Remedy, Close-Up Toothpaste, Lifebuoy Soap; Can of Baked Beans, Sweet Corn, Peas (House Brand); Toilet Duck, Loaf Of Bread (not Albany), Processed Gouda Cheese, Litre Of Milk, Razor Blades (not Fusion), and Pack of AAA batteries (Not Duracell).

All of that will fit into five standard plastic grocery bags, not even half a trolley full of basics. If you shop at Woolies, R1,250 will get you a handbasket only, and you’ll have to cut at least the toiletries to have a chance of survival.

But Paul Simon sang, “These Are The Days Of Miracle and Wonder” and here’s what you can also get for R1,250: Ten percent (10%) of two racehorses, going into training soon!

Read again: That’s A 10% SHARE OF TWO RACEHORSES, for ONLY R1,250 DOWN.  The deal is going at Justin Vermaak’s Green Street Bloodstock and applies on a Lease Package Deal for a yearling by Lateral (CTS $1-million qualifier) and another yearling by new stallion Curved Ball.  Your R1,250 is the buy-in fee and includes transport to the stables of up-and-coming young trainer Johan Janse van Vuuren, veterinary fees, etc. And your name goes in the race  card!

There are more details on the Green Street Bloodstock website, click here.

Now, if you regard the above as a blatant campaign on behalf of an advertiser, you will be right. Call the Cops or go jump in the nearest dam. If you can find one.

Or simply go for the value. Vermaak’s GSB is doing more than anyone else to encourage grass-roots racehorse ownership in South Africa.  Grandpa Jimmy Maphiri, in an article published on this site recently, bemoaned the fact that it’s almost impossible for new owners to get involved in the game and he is right. It’s hellishly expensive – but there are many ways to skin a cat, or acquire a horse (or two) in training.

We know a good deal when we see one!

DISCLAIMER: Prices, goods and shopping outlets discussed above pertain to no single shopping chain in particular. Their prices are all the same, give or take a few shekels. Well, Woolies does cost you more, there’s no denying. But no harm intended all-round.