AN additional Kenilworth race meeting has been added to the August schedule to compensate for the Western Cape having lost most of last Tuesday’s race meeting and the forced postponement of the meeting on 18 August due to a waterlogged track.

The following changes have been introduced:

* the Kenilworth meeting scheduled for Tuesday 18 August will now be moved lock, stock and barrel to Saturday 22 August. 

New times

Race 1: 12.35
Race 2: 13.10
Race 3: 13.45
Race 4: 14:25
Race 5: 15:00
Race 6: 15:35
Race 7: 16:10
Race 8: 16:45
Race 9: 17:20

* the Kenilworth card (declared today) for Saturday 22 August to be moved lock, stock and barrel to Wednesday 26 August.

* the programme scheduled for Wednesday 26 August will be moved to the added meeting and will now be staged on Saturday 29 August.

The reason for the added Kenilworth race meeting on Saturday 29 August is as a result of the spate of abandoned meetings/races of late in the Western Cape. This is permitted in terms of the Racing Operators’ National Abandonment Policy in situations like this.

With all the race meetings that were missed due to the Covid-19 lockdown, owners have already had limited opportunities to race their horses and this will ensure they do not lose any further race meetings.