“Viking Harry”, drunk at the microphone?


SOUTH African born Harry Cheadle, also known as “Viking Harry”, the infamous Sweden-based trots caller seen on Tellytrack some time ago calling home carts in thick snow and bitter cold, has incurred the wrath of the Australian racing community, who have named him “The Bizarre Race Crower”.

Cheadle, who appears to have free rein at the Swedish tracks, was at it again at Solvalla Racecourse recently, delivering a bizarre early crow that almost ended in disastrous fashion. He sounded half-drunk, picked the front-runner and “sang” him home over the last 100m.

Punters.com.au reports today on Cheadle’s calls and speculate if he is South African. He is a Saffa, of course, and he is a disastrous caller, which doesn’t take away from the screaming hilarity of his deliveries!

“Viking Harry” has now won the Australian Maraquitas Award three times, for the worst call in a year.

We bring you the latest Viking Harry Clanger below, courtesy of Facebook. It’s a scream!