THE Vodacom Durban July being run on 25 July is conditional on government allowing racing to restart in the near future, in order for the Champions Season feature race programme to progress, and for horses thus able to be in a position to qualify for the race.

So said Gold Circle’s Senior Events and Marketing Manager Steve Marshall in an interview with Sporting Post at the weekend.


Marshall sketched the background, where the racing industry in this country, along with many other industries, is under massive pressure.

In racing’s case, this arose as the two main sources of income, namely the sale of the racing picture and revenue generated from betting, are ‘both severely compromised’.

“Given Gold Circle’s sole function is to sustain the sport of Horseracing in KZN, the only way we can begin to rectify this situation, to start earning revenue and to rebuild the industry, is to start racing again. However we will only start racing, once government has given us permission to do so,” assured Marshall.


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