BRITISH racing’s restart date remained uncertain on Sunday evening after the prime minister unveiled his plan to ease the coronavirus lockdown.

Speaking from Downing Street, Boris Johnson detailed a three-part strategy to reopen society and end the lockdown. The UK is working towards the second stage and the government has eased some social restrictions, including the limit on outdoor exercise.

Calling the plan “conditional” on keeping the virus under control, Johnson added that the second phase will potentially allow primary school pupils to return to school from June 1 and the third would involve some areas of the hospitality industry, such as restaurants, to begin reopening from July 1.

It is unclear at which phase racing could be allowed to return and the prospect of resumption will be subject to discussions this coming week.

The resumption of racing group will meet on Monday to consider its next steps after Johnson failed to reference the return of professional sport, despite it previously being suggested that it would be one of the first sectors allowed to resume if the lockdown was eased.

Racing representatives engaged in a number of meetings with government officials last week about its detailed proposals for a resumption behind closed doors.

Consultation continues to take place with jockeys and racecourses to ensure the sport can return safely when it is given the green light.

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