Press Release


In terms of Chapter 4 of the Constitution of The National Horseracing Authority the Nominations Committee, consisting of past Chairmen Adv. Altus Joubert SC, Mr Andrew O’Connor, Mr Larry Nestadt and Mr Jonathan Witts-Hewinson, has appointed the following candidates to fill the vacant positions on the National Board.  The vacant positions are due to the resignation of Mr Laurence Wernars and Mr Robin Bruss not making himself available to be re-appointed for another term. 

1.      Professor Ian Sanne

Professor Sanne has been appointed in terms of clause 15.1.1 of the Constitution and is domiciled in the Central Provinces. 

Professor Sanne is a registered Colour Holder since 2010 and is the Co-Owner of Oldlands Stud.  He holds multiple degrees and is a Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand.

A founder of the Equine Health Fund (University of the Witwatersrand), Professor Sanne focused on resolving the African Horse Sickness protocols, equine export protocol which programme has subsequently been transferred to SAEHP.  Professor Sanne is an advisor to the South African Export Horse Programme and was a representative to the International Sport Horse meeting in Hong Kong in 2018.  He is an advisor and Board member of the Pretoria University Equine Research Centre. Professor Sanne was a Council Member of the Gauteng Horse Society from 2012 – 2018 when the provincial bodies were disbanded. 

2.      Mr Satch Mathen

Mr Mathen has been appointed in terms of clause 15.1.1 of the Constitution and is domiciled in the Central Provinces.

Mr Mathen is a registered Colour Holder since 1991 and is a huge racing enthusiast with many feature race wins including a Grade 1 race win.  He has introduced many people to the horseracing industry.

Mr Mathen holds a MBA (Business Management) degree and is a dynamic and professional businessman focused on entrepreneurship and transformation.  He is the CEO and Founder of a company that has grown from ground level to becoming a leading supplier in the construction and engineering sector.

The National Horseracing Authority of Southern Africa welcomes both Professor Sanne and Mr Mathen to the National Board.

These appointments are effective with immediate effect.

The position of a KwaZulu-Natal member in terms of Clause is vacant and the Nominations Committee is working on identifying a suitable candidate.


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