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Richard Fourie scored a double at Hollywoodbets Kenilworth on Tuesday, both of the wins by the narrowest of margins and due to some fine riding skills in the finish, including on the Brett Crawford-trained Vercingetorix filly Lady Loxton (Picture: Wayne Marks)

The most intriguing sideshow this season is Richard Fourie’s exciting bid to beat Anthony Delpech’s record of 334 wins in a  season.

If he does it he will earn a R1 million bonus from Hollywoodbets.

This record was thought to be virtually impossible by most pundits before the season started as there are now usually only six racing days per week and illness, injury and suspension can take its toll.

There is also the possibility of the dry spells which Keagan de Melo experienced towards the end of last season. They could have been due to the weariness which continual travel can cause.

However, Fourie is very much on track to claim the record at this stage and with each passing meeting his projected number of winners for the season improves.

Turf Talk have thus decided to display a “Fourie Daily Barometer.”

The barometer will simply display his projected number of winners for the season based on his current rides-per-calendar-day rate for the season to date and his current strike rate for the season to date.

The barometer will be displayed in the newsletter above the main headline.

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