PETER Wrensch first set foot on a racetrack in 1977, and he hasn’t left the game since. At 61, he’s a true stayer like his six-year-old gelding, Troop The Colour, the winner of a MR94 handicap over the unusual 1950m at Kenilworth on Tuesday and at 10-1 the longest-priced runner in a seven-horse field. He was well ridden by Oswald Noach.

Aside from Troop The Colour, Wrensch has only six others stabled at Milnerton – all two-year-olds, but says he has two world-class grooms helping him, which means every one of the seven in his string gets extra attention.

“Just before the outbreak of Covid-19 I had 11 horses, but we sold one to Mauritius and three others went on, so during the Covid break our costs were low and we kept the ball rolling, kept Troop The Colour fit.”

An enthusiastic horseman, Wrensch is a man with far more interesting racing stories than we can carry in this edition – we’ll have to return – and he tells about his stalwart: “He was well handicapped yesterday and credit to the handicapper for that. Troop The Colour, Winter Shadow, Mercurana, Cedar Man, Celestial Prince often run together and our horse had the advantage yesterday.”

He adds: “People love tough, game horses with heart, like Troop The Colour. I’ve had several messages recently from individuals wishing me luck. There are still many who love the horse as an animal, period, and we can draw from their ranks to help racing.

“I’d like to increase my string. Troop The Colour’s owners Bruce and Anne Nicholas are my long-time patrons, and I’ve just brought four new colourholders into the game, including one from Mauritius. We have a nice Vercingetorix ‘baby’ in the yard.”

Wrench, who completed the Comrades Marathon in 1991, is a fitness fanatic too. He jogs from his mother’s house in Milnerton proper to the racetrack every day – doing the 3.5km in 15m, and he jokes: “I had to walk the distance in 45m when there were restrictions on running. They would’ve arrested me if they found me running.”

In the training ranks, from his limited resources in the year since he took over from the late Ronnie Sheehan, Wrensch has saddled a sprint winner in Captain Garret and Troop The Colour was Listed-placed over 3,200m, proving that this likeable man with his almost 40 years experience in the game is a versatile handler worthy of more suport.


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