HERE are comments from trainers with runners at this afternoon’s Fairview (Poly) meeting, supplied by and thanks to NADINE LOW AH KEE.


JACQUES STRYDOM –  Number 2 –  COUNT D’CASH : He was very green on debut on Friday so with a bit of experience now we are hoping for improvement.

JUAN NEL –  Number 3 –  EVIES FIRST : He has shown some speed at home and has been doing some nice work and if he doesn’t race too green I think he will run a really nice race.

GAVIN SMITH –  Numbers 5 and 8 –  LOVE POTION & WHAT A CRACKER : Both have run and both have been placed, they both try the Poly for the first time –  they’ll be thereabouts.

SHARON KOTZEN –  Number 6 –  MOON GAME : It is his first run so it will be a learning curve for him. The 1000m will be sharp for him but it is a starting point.

ALAN GREEFF –  Number 7 –  SOUL TRAIN : He’s a juvenile having his first run and on the Poly, he is drawn wide, but if not too green I think he’ll be a big runner.


ALAN GREEFF –  Numbers 1 and 2 –  FAIRY GODMOTHER & ALL THE STARS : Fairy Godmother is making her debut in Port Elizabeth, it could be on the sharp side but I think she will run a great race. All the Stars is knocking on the door and if all goes well these two horses will be fighting out the finish.

GAVIN SMITH –  Numbers 3, 8 and 10 –  CINNABAR, BLACKMOSS & VERY CAVALLARI : Cinnabar has had a run on the Poly, it wasn’t a bad effort, she should be top four again. Very Cavallari is quite a quick filly but she is expected to be green. Blackmoss is a very  fast filly, she will enjoy the 1000m, but it is first run, first time on Poly and first time around the bend.

JACQUES STRYDOM –  Numbers 7 and 9 –  ABSOLUTELY FAB & PRINCESS OF FIRE : Both fillies ran well on debut on Friday and will improve.


JUAN NEL –  Number 1 –  OVER COUNT : I must thank the Snaiths who gave her to us and I’ve put her together with a couple of clients in the yard. She has very good Cape Town form, she’s had seven runs and only missed the money once. She put in a good last sprint and we are expecting her to do well.

TARA LAING –  Number 2 –  ARION EXPRESS : She is coming back after a break and would have been more effective over a little bit further. She will probably need it but could maybe place.

GAVIN SMITH –  Numbers 5, 9 and 10 –  ROYAL SPLURGE, GALACTIC STORM & GOTHAM GIRL : Royal Splurge has run three fourths in a row, she’s got the form to be thereabouts in the maidens, she is working very well. Galactic Storm is expected to improve over a bit further and trying Poly for the first time. Gotham Girl should be in need of this run, she is a big filly and will need a bit of racing.

JACQUES STRYDOM –  Numbers 6 and 11 –  BILLI ANN & MISS TIMPS : Billi Ann is super consistent, the mile is short for her but she can place. Hoping for improvement from Miss Timps as she tries Poly and further for the first time.

ZIETSMAN OOSTHUIZEN –  Number 7 –  SOUTHERN DYNASTY : She ran a nice race on Friday, it was too short for her. She did pull up sound and I will see how she takes the run, but if she runs on Monday she will enjoy the step up to the mile.

SHARON KOTZEN –  Number 12 –  UPPER TEN : She is in the deep end in open company having her first start on Poly. She is drawn well and is looking for this type of trip, being by Pathfork, but I think it is going to be a bit of a tough task for her, but she must get the experience around the turn.


ALAN GREEFF –  Numbers 1 and 3 –  SULLENBERGER & TARSUS : They are both nice horses and both are drawn well. Sullenberger has got nice form and is on the up. Tarsus has dropped in the ratings and is doing well down here.

JACQUES STRYDOM –  Numbers 2 and 10 –  SAO PAULO & BENEFICIARY : Sao Paulo will find this sharp but she will appreciate being back in class and can get closer. Beneficiary has it all against her drawn wide, up in class and against the boys, but she is very honest and could place.

TARA LAING –  Number 5 –  THOMAS SHELBY : He would be better over 1200m, but has placed over this trip and he can place.

JUAN NEL –  Number 6 –  TIGER ROLL : She came to us from Piet Botha in Cape Town. She did have a little problem in the gates but we’ve done quite a bit of work with her to try and get her to jump. At home it has been successful and we hope that she does it on the day. She is very speedy and I think the Poly is going to suit her. It probably will make the exotics a bit more expensive for the punters, but she definitely warrants inclusion on her work

ZIETSMAN OOSTHUIZEN –  Number 8 –  FRENCH LEGEND : The 1000m will be short for her but I want to get her going. I think she is more a 1400m, 1600m horse but this will let me know where she is and it will bring her on.

GAVIN SMITH –  Number 9 –  WILD MOVE : He is a little bit in and out, it depends on he races in the early part, if he’s able to be up there without too much pressure then he can run a big race. Last time out he was run off his feet throughout and he faded out.


ALAN GREEFF –   Numbers 3, 8 and 9 –  ALDO, CAUSE AND EFFFECT & AMBRA : Aldo loves the Poly 1000m and that will be in his favour. Cause and Effect  is knocking on the door, she is dropping in the ratings but I do think she may be better suited to a 1200m. Ambra ran a good race in the Milkwood Stakes where she placed.

GRANT PADDOCK –  Number 4 –  ALWAHSH : He will need this.

GAVIN SMITH –  Number 5 –  BIG BAY : He loves track and trip. It is a tough hard knocking race and he is a young horse with a big rating so it’s not easy for him and to try and place him in the right races, but he is well in himself.

TARA LAING –  Numbers 7 and 11 –  OMEGA ONSLAUGHT & CAPTAIN ANNE BONNY : Omega Onslaught would have been better over 1200m, but he could run a place in this type of field. Captain Anne Bonny has now run three good seconds. She did get a penalty for her last second but with our weights coming out early she is still running off her old rating where she is a kilo better off. She is taking on the colts but with a lighter weight and a good draw she must have a good chance. 

ZIETSMAN OOSTHUIZEN –  Number 10 –  VIA SACRA : She not herself at the moment but I want to know where she is. She didn’t travel well and is in season but having a run will show me where I stand with her and if the handicapper drops her a point or two it won’t hurt.


JACQUES STRYDOM –  Numbers 1 and 9 –  ON THE SCENT & HOPEFUL : Both fillies ran poor races in their last starts. They can do better which is what we are hoping for.

GAVIN SMITH –  Numbers 2, 3, 5 and 8 –  EXCLUSIVITY, CLOSE TO MY HEART, LADY OF CHOICE & LATERAL’S FLASH : Exclusivity won her last well, but it was on turf with the long home straight, she does take a bit of time to get going and that’s perhaps the only concern with her. Close to my Heart is a decent enough sort, she is a multiple winner, the apprentice claim will help her. Lady of Choice was a nice winner her last, she took a few runs to find her feet, but won well, she does take on stronger now. Lateral’s Flash loves track and trip, she is a winner over it.

TARA LAING –  Number 4 –  DEEP RIVER WOMAN : She has done very well on the Poly and this type of field is probably Tara’s best runner on the day.

JUAN NEL –  Number 6 –  CRYSTAL STREAM : We got her from Lucky Houdalakis in Joburg, she is a nice staying type of filly, a real handicapper, she’s in a good space and we’re hoping for a good run.

ALAN GREEFF –  Number 7 –  ASCENDING HEIGHTS : She lost a little form in her last, but she is back to her own class here and hopefully will regain her form.

SHARON KOTZEN –  Number 10 –  IDEAL DANCER : She has her first run out of the maidens and is looking for much further, she is a genuine stayer. She is strengthening up well though.


SHARON KOTZEN –  Number 1 –  CHERRY POP : She is proving to be a nice filly on the Poly. She is distance suited so I am expecting a decent run from her.

GRANT PADDOCK –  Number 2 –  BRIDESMAID BLUES : She ran a fair race first time out the maidens in her last and is working well, the draw is a concern though.

ZIETSMAN OOSTHUIZEN –  Numbers 3 and 7 –  ROYAL REWARD & LA BASTIDE : They both ran on Friday. Royal Reward  injured her mouth, perhaps in the gates, but she jumped slow and with the injury she did struggle to take the bend. You can put a line right through that run, she is much better than that. La Bastide ran a very nice race for me, she committed entirely in the race for the first time for me and went to the lead, which wasn’t the plan but I’m very happy with the run and she pulled up well and ate up well. I will see how they go through the weekend, but am hoping to run both again. 

GAVIN SMITH –  Numbers 4, 5 and 10 –  MARMALADE CAT, VIVA LE BLEU & FLY MISS KIM : Fly Miss Kim should be in need of this, she’s from Cape Town and this will be her first run here. She is a very nice filly and should come on from this. Marmalade Cat is in good form and showing good work, she should be a big runner. Viva le Bleu is always thereabouts and should be again, she always comes with a late rattle.

TARA LAING –  Number 6 –  PRECIOUS JEWEL : She is just out of the maidens and against a lot stronger, maybe a place.

ALAN GREEFF –  Number 8 –  LADYSMITH : She’s been a bit of an enigma to me, I just can’t seem to get her in the winners box, she has been in every box except the winners box. This is the right race for her.

DUNCAN MCKENZIE –  Number 11 –  NEVERLETUGO : She is working well, loves the Poly and can earn.


GAVIN SMITH –   Number 1 –  REACH FOR THE LINE : He has improved and I am hoping for more. He has his issues and is drawn wide so will depend on luck in the running.

TARA LAING – Numbers 3 and 8 –  APOLLO ROCK & CHAINSAW : Chainsaw is coming back from a bit of a break. He would have been better over 1200m, but there isn’t a race for him until next month so we have opted to take out chances here with him. We are hoping to give him a bit of a chance and hopefully run a place. Apollo Rock’s first run out of the maidens was a moderate run and we are hoping for improvement.

ALAN GREEFF –  Number 4 –  TEOFILIA : He tries 1400m, he’s battled in with a high rating but he’s moving in the right direction.

SHARON KOTZEN –  Number 5 –  JACKPOT JEWEL : He loves the Poly and has a good draw, so everything in his favour so I am hoping for a decent run from him as well.

ZIETSMAN OOSTHUIZEN –  Number 6 –  THE PRIVATE : He has had one run for me back in Kimberley and he won it, even needing the run that day he won it. I think he is in a good space, he took the travel well and is working well. He has taken all the changes in his stride, he is drawn well, so I am hoping that he runs a nice race.

DUNCAN MCKENZIE –  Number 9  –  TORIO LAKE : He is better than his last and can place.

GRANT PADDOCK –  Number 10 –  ROCK THE COT : He is working well, is drawn well and has an each way chance.

JUAN NEL –  Number 11 –  OCEAN MASTER : He’s had a couple of niggles but we do seem to have gotten to the bottom of it, he is doing well again and with this being another handicap that is wide open he is one of those with a chance I think.

JACQUES STRYDOM –  Number 12 –  MYVIEW : She must improve.