Interim Suspension – Trainer F Robinson

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that it has opened an Inquiry into alleged racist comments made on social media by Trainer Frank Robinson.

After careful consideration of the social media post and the prima facie evidence, the Chief Executive and Racing Control Executive have placed an interim suspension on Trainer Robinson in terms of the provisions of Rule 91.2.

This interim suspension prevents Trainer Robinson from entering or declaring horses under his licence until such time as the Inquiry is finalised.

In the interests of horse welfare, Mr Robinson will be permitted access to horses in his care during the period of interim suspension.



  1. You either suspend him fully or you dont. What he said is derogatory to the entire indian community so there is no half suspension. Please do your work thoroughly. The fact that you still allow him to still do what he is doing shows that you are with him on his comments. So please remove him with full suspension.

  2. Absolute nonsense. Frank made a comment about the human race, treating animals badly. Of course everyone will jump on the ‘racist’ bandwagon. That’s what the world’s about these days.

    • So Mr Pretorius what you are saying is that he is anti Human ahhh that makes sense. Thing is, he might be a danger to society as a whole, maybe he should get help for that maybe check into a mental institute. After all he is going to have learn to live with humans despite our faults. In the meantime I ask all humans to pray for his speedy recovery from this mental defect. Jesus please bless Frank Robinson overcome his this dangerous anti Human disease that has plagued his mind.AMEN


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