HERE are comments from trainers with runners at this afternoon’s Fairview (Turf) meeting, supplied by and thanks to NADINE LOW AH KEE.


JACQUES STRYDOM –  Numbers 1 and 8 –  ABSOLUTELY FAB & PRINCESS OF FIRE : This is an educational run for both fillies and they will need the experience.

GAVIN SMITH –  Numbers 2, 9 and 11 –  CAPE JUBILEE, SLOANE & TIME LAPSE : Cape Jubilee is a very neat little filly, she probably will be green as it’s her first run on the Poly and will be around the bend but she has done her work at home and could run into the money. Time Lapse has had a run before, she was pretty green but she’s quick back home, pretty pacey and could run into the back end of quartets. Sloane has done nothing wrong, she was beaten by fair horses in her races thus far and she’s been beaten at the death in sharper sprints. Last time we tried a bit further, but she wants to sprint and I think she is a big runner.

ALAN GREEFF –  Numbers 3, 4 and 5 –  CERELIA, CIANNA & FROSTY RAIN : Cerelia  and Cianna didn’t catch the eye on debut but have come on and can improve. Frosty Rain ran a good debut and I expect to see her running on nicely here.

SHARON KOTZEN –  Number 7 –  OFF PAT : She has her first run and will probably need it, she does have some pace but also has a wide draw to contend with.

MONTANA TURNER –  Number 10 –  SWEET SPRING : Wayne Agrella is up and she has a good draw. Sloane looks to be the danger but otherwise I do expect her in the first three.


JACQUES STRYDOM –  Numbers 1 and 12 –  MARY MOON & SUMMER MADNESS : Mary Moon has her first run for the yard and will find this sharp, but she could pop up for the back end of quartets. Summer Madness will need the education.

DUNCAN MCKENZIE –  Number 3 –  QUEEN MAKEDA : She may be a bit better on the grass, she does find the Poly a bit quick, but she could manage quartets.

ZIETSMAN OOSTHUIZEN –  Number 6 –  SOUTHERN DYNASTY : She is a little, petite filly and we are giving her a run just to see where we are. She will be coming from off them and if she finishes in the top half of the field I’ll be happy.

GAVIN SMITH –  Numbers 7 and 11 –  FORRIES ON FRIDAY & PRANCING OSCAR : Forries on Friday came to be from Mike. She’s been in work back in Joburg so she is pretty forward. She’s a lovely filly , she’s drawn well and she should be a good runner. Prancing Oscar is a first timer, she may be green. We have done our work at home on her and she could run into the money.

ALAN GREEFF –  Number 8 –  PERFECT PATHWAY : She has her first run and is working quite nicely.

MONTANA TURNER –  Number 9 –  SHEENA BEAN : She races off a break as she had a bit of a virus. She is working really well and though the draw is a concern she’s got the claimer up and I am hoping for improvement.

SHARON KOTZEN –  Number 10 –  CHERRY CREEK : She has her first run for the yard. It will be a learning curve as she will need further. She does have a decent draw but takes on older company, she will be green and need it.


ALAN GREEFF –  Numbers 2 and 8 –  BENGAL CRIMSON & CAELIAN : Bengal Crimson mad e a nice debut and we have fitted blinkers on him. Caelian is a juvenile, I think he will come with a bit of improvement.

GAVIN SMITH –  Number 3 –  CROISADE DE VERITE : He’s a hard knocking maiden, always thereabouts but always finds one or two to beat him home. He’s well in himself and should be in the mix again. 

GRANT PADDOCK –  Number 5 –  AMAZING TUNE : He ran out a decent debut last Friday, is expected to enjoy the Poly and he will be competitive again.

MONTANA TURNER –  Number 6 –  ZUBERI : He has his first run for the yard and is working very well. He has the pace to overcome his wide draw and though he is a bit of a nervous fellow, he should run well.

JACQUES STRYDOM –  Number 9 –  COUNT D’CASH : He will need the education.

JUAN NEL –  Number 10 –  PRIVATE INITIATIVE : He’s had the two runs and been a little disappointing, he actually got away from Bernard on the way to the start in his last and that would have cost him quite a bit. We are hoping for improvement.


GRANT PADDOCK –  Number 3 –  JURIST : He is working very well and loves the surface. He is fit and well and though the weight is a concern, he is a runner.

SHARON KOTZEN –  Number 4 –  IMPRESSIVE MASTER : He is nice horse and runs for the yard for the first time. He has a good draw and a decent run is expected.

JACQUES STRYDOM –  Numbers 5, 6 and 12 –  KING CAPONE, SAMAR & OMAHA TRIBE : King Capone is definitely better than his last and improvement is expected. Samar is well, his last was too short, he is drawn well and will be competitive. Omaha Tribe always tries, quartet chance.

ALAN GREEFF –  Number 7 –  GIACOMO : He last run wasn’t great but he was holding form nicely before that.

ZIETSMAN OOSTHUIZEN –  Number 8 –  AT THE OPERA : He has previously been a sprinter / miler before, I think he is more a classic, staying type. His first start for me back in Kimberley over 1800m he won (my very first winner) and he’ll be trying the 1900m for the first time. He is well, he looks well, his coat has a shine and I am hoping for the best. This week has been a big change so is I have positive results first time out I will be very happy.

TARA LAING –  Number 9 –  STREETFIGHTING MAN : He would probably have been better on the grass but there isn’t a race for him in the near future. He is suited to the distance and we are hoping for a good run.

GAVIN SMITH –  Number 11 –  SIR GEOFFREY : He’s been coming to hand and I think he’s due for a decent run on Friday, he’s got a light weight, the only concern is the wide draw.

RACE 5:   

GAVIN SMITH –  Numbers 2, 11 and 12 –  FALLING FOR YOU, AIR MUSEUM & FORD WINTIE : Falling for You has done nothing wrong, he’s thereabouts, only concern for him it the draw. Air Museum and Ford Wintie are still youngsters but they are looking for this sort of trip and even further, they working well at home, fit and strong and the lighter weight will help them and they are quartet type horses.

GRANT PADDOCK –  Number 3 –  GHALYOON : He debuted well in the Eastern Cape in his last. Ideally I do think he wants further than the mile and he is drawn wide, but he can place.

ZIETSMAN OOSTHUIZEN –  Number 4 –  EDO FURIN : I do expect him to like the Poly and he looks well and is working well so I’ll be happy if he can run in the money, he’s in a good space.

MONTANA TURNER –  Number 5 –  MOUNT EVEREST : He has his first run for the yard. He is a proper little work horse  and having his first start on the Poly I am just hoping for a good run.

DUNCAN MCKENZIE –  Number 6 –  INTERSTATE : He has been finishing well of late and is a runner.

JACQUES STRYDOM –  Number 7 –  GILDED AGE : She has her first run for the yard and we are hoping for improvement.

SHARON KOTZEN –  Number 10 –  MARY LEE : She is back in trip, I think the last was too far, so I am hoping for improvement.


GAVIN SMITH –  Numbers 1, 2 and 11 –  FORGET O’ GIRLS, LOVE TALK & STEADY BREEZE : Forget O’Girls is working well, the concern is the big weight 62.5kg. The filly that beat her last time does still hold her here again. Love Talk gets the four kilo claim, she’s a very consistent filly, always tries hard, she’ll be thereabouts. Steady Breeze will be assisted by a light weight.

ALAN GREEFF –  Number 3 –  TAWNY JET : She is improving with every run, won her last start quite convincingly and I think she will hold form.

MONTANA TURNER –  Number 4 –  CHAMPAGNE GOLD : She has her first run for the yard. Little trojan at home, does her job, quiet and sensible and I am hoping for a good run.

JACQUES STRYDOM –  Number 8 –  HOPEFUL : This is a bit short for her but she is in fair form and can run into the first four, she always tries hard.

TARA LAING –  Numbers 6 and 7 –  DOUBLED OVER & ELUSIVE JAID : Doubled Over ran a better race last time out and we are expecting further improvement from a good draw over the mile –  I think she has a good chance. Elusive Jaid is trying the mile for the first time. She does have a good draw so we are going to give her a good chance and hope she goes the distance. 

SHARON KOTZEN –  Numbers 9 and 12 –  QUERENCIA & EASYBYFAR : Querencia is a nice filly, She does seem to have lost her way a little bit so I am hoping with the break and running fresh that she will run an improved race. Easybyfar has also lost her way a little bit so she will be trying blinkers and I am just hoping for better runs from both.

ZIETSMAN OOSTHUIZEN –  Number 10 –  LA BASTIDE : She is the darling of the stable. She is a hard as nails filly and took the travel well, I will be disappointed if she doesn’t run a good race.


ALAN GREEFF –  Numbers 2, 5 and 9 –  MADAME SPEAKER, BOLD COAST & PURPLE DIAMOND : They are all in with chance. Madame Speaker loves the 1400m, it is right up her alley. Bold Coast won the first leg of the Challenge and Purple Diamond won his last start so I think they are all in with a shout.

GAVIN SMITH –  Numbers 3, 10 and 12 –  HOOVES OF TROY, THE HIGHWAY MAN & MASTER NEWTON : Very competitive race, very interesting. Some well tried campaigners. Hooves of Troy is very well in himself, he’s been ready to run for awhile now, he’s on boil and is drawn well. He will enjoy the quick pace and the shorter trip. The Highway Man always gives of his best and is always thereabouts, but it is a very tough field. Master Newton is holding solid form on the Poly, track and trip not a problem and the light weight will help.

JUAN NEL –  Number 4 –  EARTH HOUR : He is as honest as the day is long and  is one of the yard favourites . Obviously if Legal Eagle is even at half his best he’s going to be a tough nut to crack and we are better suited to a mile, but we are going out trying.

TARA LAING –  Number 6 –  BOLD VIKING : It’s a very tough field. The only time he ran on Poly he won very convincingly and we are expecting him to run a very good race.

SHARON KOTZEN –  Number 8 –  LETS PLAY BALL : He is a very nice Poly horse and won the Challenge last season. Unfortunately this does look a very open race and I think it is very competitive.

JACQUES STRYDOM –  Numbers 11 and 13 –  FRIKKIE & SAO PAULO : This is too short for Frikkie and is a prep run. Sao Paulo loves the Poly, but takes on a very strong field.


DUNCAN MCKENZIE –  Number 1 –  BUSHY PARK : She could just need this and is drawn wide with top weight, but she always tries and must be included in quartets.

JACQUES STRYDOM –  Numbers 2 and 11 –  MAGIC MARY & HONEY SUITE : Magic Mary is a nice filly, her last was a bit disappointing and she should be right there. Honey Suite has not been disgracing herself and can place.

TARA LAING –  Number 3 –  CLOUD BREAK : She runs off two good races and must have a good chance.

ALAN GREEFF –  Number 4 –  ELUSIVE DIVA : She loves the Poly and is always very consistent.

JUAN NEL –  Number 6 –  NATURAL JADE : She won a maiden convincingly and in a very good time and then we probably ran her back a little bit too soon after that. We are trying 1200m on the Poly, she may be better suited to 1000m, but we are taking our chances.

SHARON KOTZEN –  Number 7 –  MISTRESS OF MEANS : She comes back from a break, she lost her way a little bit. The 1200m might be a touch sharp and she might just need it.

ZIETSMAN OOSTHUIZEN –   Number 8 –  ROYAL REWARD : She won by six lengths last time out in a weak maiden field in Kimberley, we have no idea how good she will be but she will love the Poly, she likes a short run in and the bend so she could really be anything, maybe include her.

GAVIN SMITH –  Number 9 –  DUNE DANCE : She is new to the yard, she is working well and has shown good work on the Poly. I gave her a grass gallop where she went well, the draw is a concern, but she is a quartet type of runner.

MONTANA TURNER –  Number 10 –  WINTER FIVE : She makes a return from a break after having a bad virus. She is working well and has no weight on her back so hoping for a good comeback run.

GRANT PADDOCK –  Number 12 –  INTHEPURPLERAIN : Hoping for improvement.


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