RETIRED racehorse trainer James Goodman heads the SA division of Equine Hub, a new trading platform for thoroughbreds developed in Singapore and due for launch in the country in October.

Equine Hub is the first equine platform that leverages blockchain to make fractional racehorse ownership possible for online traders.

This will be in a marketplace where members of the equine community can share their expertise and services. These will be validated by a social proofing system and administered by the community.

Equine Hub shares will be electronically traded. “It follows supply and demand in racehorses,” said Goodman.

“Traders will be able to register on Equine Hub, explore the horses on offer and the shares available in such horses, and then make an offer to buy.

“There will be rules and guidelines for buyers and sellers to adhere to and trainers will furnish periodical information on horses offered for sale.”

Equine Hub executive director David Raphael commented: “Our experience is that owners and trainers are striving to improve the perception of our industry.

“Integrity is vital and we believe that the blockchain system will ensure integrity in areas that have been questionable in the past.

“Ours is a white paper system bound to be a game changer, disruptive but greatly beneficial to the racing industry.”

From Turf Talk Newsletter.