ALL the way from the (lately cold and miserable), Last Outpost, KwaZulu-Natal, comes this grainy treasure taken of the Press Gallery at the old Clairwood Park Racecourse in Durban and featuring some well-known names from the days when racing journo’s conducted interviews with notebooks and pen and not many interviews were actually granted. Men Of Steel they were in breaking stories from the coalface!

Which names or faces ring a bell to you as we go from the left: Chris Thomas (Daily News), Jack Ramsay (Natal Mercury), Pat Aguilar (Sunday Tribune), Ronnie Moon (Natal Witness), Mrs Moon? Alf Copestake (not sure), Peter Knowles (Livewire – Daily News), Stuart Ramsay (Daily News). Our reader who dug out this old beauty wasn’t certain if the lady on the pic was Ronnie Moon’s other half and whether the gent in the hat is indeed Alf Copestake, but we’ll probably know soon when this photo goes viral. We can confirm that the little fella with the brylcream brow is indeed Stuart Ramsay and not Archie, the comic legend.


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