is looking to expand beyond the world of horseracing into other forms of equestrian sports and show jumping looks the natural route to take.

With that in mind are sponsoring nine-year-old Victoria Haines who has already received her Gauteng A colours and will represent her province in a national tournament later this year.

“Down the line will be looking at an alternative equestrian channel for people,” explained Dieter Wohlberg, Head Of Production for Tellytrack. “By sponsoring Victoria, Tellytrack CEO Rob Scott believes we can take the brand outside the horseracing environment and create a new awareness within a previously untapped equestrian market.

“We are dipping our toe in the water here and there could be further sponsorship opportunities in the future.

“At this stage I think we were lucky to get someone like Victoria who at her age is already talented enough to represent her province.”

Victoria started riding when she was five years old. “My parents moved to small holding and were living in a cottage at Fourways Stables,” said Victoria’s father, John. “She saw the horses and immediately wanted to ride. In no time at all she was hooked.”

Victoria does a range of things in the equine fraternity – jumping, equitation, dressage and also performance riding. She rides a Waterside pony, bred by Kirsten Loots and her Waterside Stud, and her gelding is named Waterside Chase Me Charlie.

Victoria competed for her school and two years ago received her Gauteng colours which allowed her to compete provincially at school level. However, earlier this year she was awarded her Gauteng A colours which allows her to compete at national level

“There are a lot of kids out there doing competitive show jumping. Victoria has been holding her own. We have had some good times and some scratchy times but overall she has done well,” said John.

The sponsorship goes towards the upkeep of her pony, some of the lessons, trucking the pony to and from shows and entry fees. In return Victoria displays the logo on the left side of her britches, her saddle cloth and collar.

“This sponsorship is a massive step towards her riding career. The costs are astronomical and without’s sponsorship Victoria would not be jumping. This sponsorship has helped a nine-year-old girl achieve her dream,” said John.


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