TAB customers will have some great chances to win big on Sun Met Day at Kenilworth, when both Pick 6 pools and several Quartet pools will be boosted by carryovers.

The first Pick 6 (races 4 to 9) starts with R1.5-million in the pot and should total about R8 million.

Some R75 million will be bet with TAB on one of the biggest betting days of the year and TAB pools will be big across the board.

Here are the highlights of the TAB betting menu at Kenilworth:

Race 2: BiPot Leg 1 – R50,000 carryover, likely pool R600,000

Race 3: Place Accumulator Leg 1 – likely pool R1,500,000

Race 4: Pick 6 MEGAPOOL Leg 1 – R1,500,000 carryover, likely pool R7,500,000!

Race 5: Jackpot ONE Leg 1 – likely pool R1,300,000

Race 6: PA Blitz Leg 1 – likely pool R150,000

Race 7: Quartet MAXIPOOL – R100,000 carryover, likely pool R700,000

Race 8: Pick 6 MEGAPOOL XTRA Leg 1 – R400,000 carryover, likely pool R2,000,000

Race 9: Sun Met Quartet MAXIPOOL – R500,000 carryover, likely pool R4,500,000. Also Jackpot TWO Leg 1 – R75,000 carryover, likely pool R900,000

Race 13: Quartet MAXIPOOL – R50,000 carryover, likely pool R450,000