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Picture: Class horses generally come to the fore in forgiving ground (Jenny Evans/Getty Images).

The first big downpour happened yesterday heralding the arrival of the Summer rains.

This is the moment owners and trainers of top horses wait for as it brings with it more forgiving ground, where horses can let themselves down. 
Better horses are generally believed to have a better chance of realising their full potential in forgiving ground.
The fast ground of the winter in theory allows those with what is known as “cheap speed” a chance of winning as they can possibly still have enough in the tank at the finish line.
However, in theory the rains bring with it ground which will see the latter types being swamped in the latter stages by horses who have a wider range of assets, which in racing is probably best defined by the word “class”.
The rains are also eagerly awaited by astute punters.
They will have identified horses who have a touch of class and will be looking forward to some good value in a market which is generally dictated to by bare form. 
Joe Soma took the following heartwarming video of the rains arriving.
A deep instinct within the horse must tell them the Summer rains of Africa are something to be excited about because they clearly are excited!
Those with facebook accounts can watch the video here: CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO