THE 2019 Summer Cup media launch was held at Rockets Restaurant in Bryanston on Wednesday – a vibey spot with a spectacular view of Johannesburg, and expertly utilised by event organisers Campbell & Campbell to introduce this year’s renewal of the big race and the activities planned around it.

The Gauteng Summer Cup, Joburg’s oldest and largest race day, which has been running since 1897, has seen something of a revolution over the past three years, as the city’s influencers, partygoers, fashionistas, celebs and more, have come together to turn the historical race day on its head.

“Three years ago we embarked on a bold new direction with our strategy, transforming the Gauteng Summer Cup into The People’s Race’,” said Rob Scott, CEO Sports Betting and Media, Phumelela. “We are proud to announce this move has seen the race grow exponentially year-on-year.”

Since 2017, every year, The People’s Race has selected a diverse group of social pioneers to create an eclectic, edgy and unique mix of hospitality areas on the track. Each social pioneer, who could be a DJ, a party organiser, a charity, a celebrity, a company, or anyone with a strong following, is given access to their own tent, and is assisted in creating their dream hospitality offering, to which they can invite their own audience.

“Thanks to this forward-thinking innovation, racegoers now have a wider range of hospitality offerings than ever before, from which to enjoy the Grade 1 race,” says Clyde Basel, Events, Hospitality and Sales Executive, Phumelela. “Whether they are looking for VVIP luxury offerings, outdoor cocktail areas, silent discos or elegant tents, they will be able to find it at the Summer Cup.”

The main man in the think tank is the event organiser Angus Campbell, who literally came in “cold” a few years ago, by his own admission failed at a few initial strategies and then made it his sole purpose to study the social behavior if the young and trendy, and to get them to come racing.

Said Campbell: “We had a massive Summer billboard erected in Johannesburg a few years ago. We didn’t get a single call from it, and it was expensive. But with the assistance of the social media spectrum, especially the influencers we identified, we have managed to reach many, many more people than usual. Some of these social pioneers have up to 2-million followers on Twitter alone. They talk to their legions of supporters all day.”

Campbell’s unofficial aim is to surpass the Sun Met 16,000-strong crowd at this year’s Summer Cup and Rob Scott added: “We pushed the Cup crowd up to 11,000 last year and we’d like to increase that significantly this year.”

We wrote earlier this week about getting little things right, reaching the right people with the right people and what we witnessed at this launch was most encouraging. Exciting actually, and we seriously can’t say that of other launches, which are often same-old. Campbell and his team, and Phumelela, are onto a good thing here. They’ve quite possibly struck the right vein, and not a moment too soon!

To add to the inclusive nature of the Gauteng Summer Cup, it is the only elite race to welcome children on the day. The little ones can look forward to a large-scale carnival complete with a giant ferris wheel, jugglers, mimes, puppets, clowns, face painters and much more. There is also a secure family zone, conveniently situated near the finish line, so parents can enjoy the electrifying racing, while the kids run rampant in the carnival.

Here’s what to expect at this unique spectacle of sport, style and entertainment:

Electrifying racing The Summer Cup is packed with a thrilling schedule of no less than 12 races. The main race boasts exemplary quality fields and R2 million prize money, so it’s no wonder it draws huge crowds to Turffontein, looking to experience the excitement of this beautiful age-old sport.

Spectacular live performance The 2019 half-time show takes place just before the main race, ramping up the excitement before the horses compete for Gauteng’s biggest prize. This year’s extravaganza features an impressive line-up of drum major majorettes, a massive field band, a choir and incredible dancers, and will be headlined by the beloved local band, Freshly Ground.

Endless family entertainment The Gauteng Summer Cup is one of the few horse races in the country that children can enjoy. From admiring the beautiful horses in the parade ring and on the track, to experiencing a mind-blowing carnival, the day promises endless wonder for kids. A dedicated Family Zone near the carnival and the finish line means kids will be kept busy all day long, while the adults enjoy the amazing array of racing, music, performance and food.

Hospitality There are a host of different ways to enjoy the race day, making it the ideal destination for companies who are after a unique year-end party. From street parties to elegant VIP experiences, cocktails on the track, family zones and more, the Gauteng Summer Cup can tailor-make the ideal corporate party for any group size.

Everyone is welcome at The People’s Race. Visitors are encouraged to bring the whole family and to don themselves in their most stylish Summer Chic outfits as they prepare for a day of sartorial style and unforgettable fun.

EVENT INFORMATION Date: Saturday 30 November 2019 Gates open at 11am Venue: Turffontein Racecourse, 14 Turf Club Street, Johannesburg

The Gauteng Summer Cup general ticket is R85 and this will give you access to Turffontein Racecourse. Under 18s pay R20.

CONTACT For general event information:, 073 202 8308

For PR-related enquiries: 083 284 2037