WHAT’s a lockdown without friends to share it with? Or even — lockdowns are great when you have friends to share them with! Here’s well known horse fanatic Sarah Clarke, assistant to her trainer-partner Paul Matchett at Randjesfontein, and otherwise also generally animal-mad.

Sarah stables three jumping ponies on their Kyalami smallholding, also a further 20-odd unraced or recovering thoroughbreds who require her love and attention every day. Aside from the horses, Sarah also owns a parrot, seven dogs and four pigs. Among the dogs—four Daschund, a Husky, a Jack Russel and a German Shepherd, her unconfirmed favourite is blue-eyed Humphrey, a Sausage Dog bred by Ashley and Andrew Fortune.

Sarah, Parrot and Humphrey.
Sarah, Parrot and Humphrey.

She tells: “I was breeding Daxies a few years ago and gave a few puppies to Andrew, who started breeding himself and Humphrey came along in one of their litters. They offered this blue-eyed baby back to me and initially I declined. But here he is now, after all, and he’s now a stable and home dog. He loves Paul, and he loves horses. Paul and I get close to fighting because Humphrey sometimes chooses to be with him at stables and also to sleep in his arms at night. That is not cool, because he should be in mine!


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