Happily young Sandhile Mbhele is on the mend after his horror fall while riding Glen Kotzen’s My Bestie on Cape Town Met day.

“I clipped heels, but when I woke up in hospital I didn’t even know what race it happened  in. The pieces are starting to come back now. It’s  just very fortunate that nothing was broken”

“I was heavily sedated and in and out of consciousness. So when I left Vincent Pallotti on Thursday I thought I had only been there for two nights, but it was actually five. 

“It just shows you can take nothing for granted. I was so looking forward to the day, but it turned out the exact opposite from what I hoped for. But you learn a lesson from each fall and there’s always next year.”

But unsurprisingly he faces a longish spell on the side lines. 

“I had a concussion and a small brain bleed, so I have to go back for another CAT scan in
another ten days. After that I will have to take things gradually, and will be out for a month or two. My cousin is staying with me for a while to help me cope while I recover.”

And he harbours no defeatist thoughts.

“The fall has been a bit of a shock to the system, mentally as well as physically. But when I woke up yesterday I felt like going to ride work, so there’s no question I will be back as good as ever.” -tt




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