WHEN San Fermin won a sprint handicap at Turffontein 10 days ago, Adam Azzie told Turf Talk: “The thing is, she is very talented, she gets to a peak but she loses it
quickly. Our job has been to get her to her best and then keep her there as long as possible.”

San Fermin followed on Saturday with another success, this time notching the Gr3 Sycamore Sprint from Schippers and Dancing Queen, beating a competitive field.

San Fermin came from off the call, always looking for a way through and slicing through her rivals when it came. She won going away.

“I have to give my dad all the credit for this win,” said Adam of his ‘old man’ Mike who, like his own grandfather George Azzie, knows how to ‘train by the eye.’ This entails easing off (or giving extra) work and careful feeding until the horse ‘looks’ in the best possible condition.

“My dad has spent the last two weeks focusing on San Fermin. He eased off on her pace work but still kept her fit, kept her ticking over. He had her in the same top shape as last time, her coat and condition was perfect, well done to him.”

Adam said that Apache, the lead pony at Turffontein, had also played a role in her recent consistency. “She enjoys it when he is around her, it calms her down and as we know, the secret with San Fermin is to keep her as calm and relaxed as possible.

“She gets on very well with jockey Marco van Rensburg too. He sensed her little habits when he worked her for the first time. He told us to leave her alone when she
‘throws her toys out of the cot’, just to stay away from her until she settles down.”

San Fermin, who races for Gaynor Rupert, will be pointed at the Gr23 Camelia Stakes over 1200m at Turffontein in May. 

-Turf Talk Newsletter