PRESIDENT Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech to the nation on Sunday night was a near reproduction of the Level 3 draft regulations leaked on Saturday and which gave racing fans around the country much hope for a resumption on 1 June.

He stopped short in one respect only:  A verbal approval of non-contact sports, which would include horseracing and, according to draft regulations, would be allowed.

The National Horseracing Authority’s Vee Moodley said after the Ramaphosa speech late on Sunday: “Like I said last  week, SA racing must wait for final regulations about Level 3. No official clearance has been given as yet.”

A final, approved regulations document is expected no later than Thursday, so we will know our fate during the course of this week.

At this point, however, racing only has an “orange light”, which means “caution”,  because it’s almost as easy to see red!