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Picture: Summerveld trainer Wendy Whitehead is manager of the Kwazulu Royals, who meet the Cape Stingers in the GTH series final on Friday evening at Hollywoodbets Greyville. (GTH).


Wendy Whitehead is the manager of the Kwazulu Royals, whose astute use of their “double points” race was the key to their win over the Cape Stingers in the qualifying round.

They meet The Stingers in the final on Friday evening and Whitehead is hoping the Royals can remain unbeaten. 
The Royals are all on a Whatsapp group and will get together on Thursday to select the double points race for the final. 
A lot of form analysis will take place before then and there will no doubt be plenty of discussion on the Whatsapp group before a final decision is made. 
Whitehead said she had really enjoyed the series.
“It is something different and a lot of fun. The jockeys are loving it. There is a great vibe and it is very exciting. A lot of the owners who have had runners during the series all want to be there for the final. So it is also clients who have been excited to be part of it.”
She added, “The only thing which we don’t really like is the whip rules. A lot of the horses when they are in the straight, especially the inexperienced ones, shy away from the grandstand and all they need is couple of flicks.”
The whip rules are the same as for Workriders’ races i.e. the whip hand cannot leave the rein. A flick on the neck is the most that can be done.
Whitehead said the battle hardened horses handle the non-use of the whip much better then the green, inexperienced horses i.e. they don’t need the couple of backhanders in the straight to remain focused.  
She said this would be taken into account when selecting the team’s double points race.
Punters should also perhaps take that into account when doing their analysis.