A new robotic system allows for open-area CT scans of horses.

Equimagine, developed by 4DDI Equine, allows a detailed, digital scan from every angle of an area of concern without subjecting the horse to a confined area that would require him to be anaesthetized. The robotic arms have a lot of motion. Horses are given some time to see them, and if they don’t react, the procedure moves forward.


Using four robots capable of operating several panels, high-speed cameras, 3D surface scanners, and emitters in coordinated manoeuvres, Equimagine can shoot more than 900 images in a 90-second session.

A standing horse is going to have some motion during a procedure, but unlike previous CT scans that could be thrown off by such movement, the Equimagine includes technology that allows the scanner to account for the movement and continue the scan. The robotic systems of the technology receive commands from a small camera that keeps an eye on the horse and adjusts to any movement.

George Papaioannou, chief executive of 4DDI Equine, said that the system is set up to add new camera and scan technology as it becomes available.  Because of digital aspects, the technology could soon be used to help a surgeon place a screw in an exact location. He said down the road it could be used to make a perfect custom saddle or someday provide a model to be used to make an artificial joint or bone.

-extracts from bloodhorse.com.