FORMER Champion jockey Gavin Lerena is well on the mend after breaking his collarbone and shoulder in a fall four months ago.

Lerena rode two horses in work on Saturday and a couple more on Tuesday. He said: “Eventually, here’s my bone graft showing bone growth! It’s been a long and tough road but thank you Dr Cath. The PrP (platelets) are definitely working along with endless hours in the hyperbaric chamber and my Exogen bone healing machine.”

In reference to the Grand Heritage at the Vaal in the last week of September, Lerena tweeted: “Perhaps I can be back to win the race for a third time in a row!” 

What the X-rays show.
What the X-rays show.

Tex Lerena, Gavin’s father, commented: “It’s perhaps a bit premature for Gavin to be riding work, but he is anxious to get going and he wants to strengthen up. He needs to break through the pain barrier. That’s him, a fighter. He wants to race again as soon as possible, so we’re holding thumbs.”

-From Turf Talk Newsletter.




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