DISCIPLINARY action is being taken following the late closure of TAB betting pools on several Australian races last Saturday morning.

Betting pools on four races from Australia – Toowoomba races 2 and 3 and Belmont races 7 and 8 – were not closed timeously.

A full inquiry yesterday revealed that neither the tote betting system operator nor the raceday auditor on duty had followed standard operating procedures in the wake of the loss of communication links with Tabcorp in Australia on Saturday morning.

The raceday auditor has been suspended with immediate effect pending a formal disciplinary hearing this week. Raceday auditors have the primary responsibility for ensuring betting pools are closed at the start of a race.

“There’s no evidence of any malpractice,” said a TAB spokesperson. “It’s a case of the individuals involved failing to following the procedures and rules in the chaos that followed losing the communication links with Tabcorp. That said it’s totally unacceptable and the necessary disciplinary action will be taken. TAB will issue an update later this week when that process has been completed.”


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