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Queue Wing wins for the seventh time at Hollywoodbets Greyville on Sunday (Candiese Lenferna)

The Garth Puller-trained five-year-old Querari gelding Queue Wing is now a seven-time winner, not bad for a horse who failed a veterinarian test at the Sales.
The failed veterinarian test was the end result of a most unfortunate sequence of events for Queue Wing’s breeders, Birch Brothers.
Shortly before the Sale Colin Birch noticed one morning Queue Wing had a swollen fetlock.
He surmised he must have knocked it while being walked out for a prospective buyer or otherwise knocked it in his stall during the night.
It was decided an X-ray should be done on the injury in order to put any prospective buyers’ minds at rest.
However, as it happened the veterinarian X-rayed the other fetlock and found an old injury on the bone.
The failed veterinarian test would have been a completely off-putting factor for prospective buyers.
Therefore, Colin decided to lease him to Garth Puller, who has raced him together with Miss C.A.E. Steele.
Colin had already been offered R250,000 for Queue Wing and said when a Sale is budgeted for and that amount is taken out it comes as “quite a blow”.
He said it was not the first time a horse who had failed a veterinarian test had become successful on the racetrack.