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The DREAM BREEDERS CLUB plan to have shares in new stallion Eden Roc, who is pictured here after winning the Gr 1 Gold Medallion (Picture: Candiese Lenferna).


Friday, 11 August 2023

ETHANICITY Research, a private non-profit racehorse research initiative in SA are sponsoring a first for SA Horseracing, the DREAM BREEDERS CLUB.

ER’s Founding Research Partners, Gregg Clarke and Lloyd Naik, are fanatical horseracing fans with a deep passion for SA Horseracing, in particular the study of pedigrees and bloodlines. Clarke was in the Financial Industry for 20 years before venturing out into private business in 2001 and still involved in today. Naik is and has been a Digital Performance Marketing Manager for the past 14 years. He owns and has shares in racehorses locally and more recently internationally, which has expanded his knowledge in pedigrees significantly. Both have been close to horseracing and been conducting research for some time. Naik participates in punting on a small scale and also owns shares in a racehorse as well as in a Racing Syndicate.

The Founders are adamant that DBC must be formally grounded and professionally administered in order to achieve real benefit for its members and sustainability. There is also a deep desire to assist grow the SA Horseracing industry through the opening up of wider participation, in this case Breeding. DBC must and will be FOR and CONTROLLED BY its members for their enjoyment and benefit alone.

Participation has been kept as affordably low as possible with a R500 once-off Entrance Fee (to fund formalization, initial horse/share acquisitions and create a reserve fund) and R200 per month paid 3 months in advance to ensure the operational expenses are adequately covered from a cash flow funding perspective. The Club will have its own strictly managed Bank account and acceptable Accounting Records will be maintained as a priority.

This dream opportunity is open to anybody, anywhere regardless of their racing or breeding knowledge to step into the world of racehorse breeding and experience its beauty, magnificence and excitement. In fact, DBC is hoping to attract new blood into horseracing and would welcome anybody (Punters, casual Observers and lovers of horseracing etc) sitting on the fringes but hitherto too afraid to step in because of a lack of knowledge and fear of entering something they don’t understand. It has even been (brilliantly!) suggested that a membership would make a wonderful gift to a horse-loving son, daughter, spouse of parent who might derive pleasure from DBC.

Breeding is a journey that is hard to describe in human terms but one that touches and enriches the soul of mankind. By becoming a member of DBC members will get to be intimately close to stud farms, broodmares, the birth of their foals and their joyous development through podcasts and group posts, whilst all the administration is taken care of in the background. Farm Visits will also be arranged periodically.

DBC hopes to grow to the point that it can purchase and place broodmares, or own shares in broodmares, nationally and thereby afford members in different provinces the opportunity for Farm Visits to “meet” Club broodmares and foals. It aspires to possibly take up shares internationally at some stage.

This opportunity is not to be considered an investment but rather an unparalleled life experience that is available to very few. Members are investing without risk and liability into the experience for pleasure more than anything else and, if there is to be any financial pay-back, that will be a bonus but not guaranteed in any way whatsoever.

To kickstart DBC an option has been secured on a lovely broodmare in KZN and she is available for immediate cover. In addition to that DBC will acquire a Stallion Share in KZN’s exciting new Freshman Sire EDEN ROC so that his journey can be closely enjoyed also. The Stallion Share includes 2 free covers for the first 4 years, thereafter 1 per year. The Broodmare is a lovely pedigree fit for EDEN ROC and this will be her fist cover for the Club. She will board at Clifton Stud KZN, the Breeders of the Durban July Winner Classic Flag, Champion Retired Sprinter PRINCE OF KAHAL and the outstanding red-hot multiple Grade 1 winning MRS GERIATRIX amongst many other fine racehorses.

To establish the Club and secure its Funding Model a minimum of 100 Members must be signed up. As soon as the minimum membership has been secured the Club will be constituted and officially launched by ETHANICITY Research and then handed over to the member Club Committee. ER has pledged its support to DBC with bloodline research and advice.

Contact OR WhatsApp 0833071478 with the words “Tell me More” OR respond to the Facebook Advert and you will receive a Detailed Information Sheet to consider further.

Personal information will be treated as Strictly Confidential and you will not be required to pay any monies until the full 100 member Subscription Target has been hit/secured with commitments from Prospective Members. There is no ceiling on the number of Members and if more wish to join the monthly Membership Fee (not the Entrance Fee) will be proportionately reduced.

Membership Subscription is now open and closes on 21 August with first fees on due at beginning of September once the Club has been formally constituted and launched.

You can visit @Ethanicity Research on Facebook to discover more about the Founder.