PETER Morrison (Martin Collins SA) visited Greyville two weeks ago to carry out the quarterly track report and he also met with a few jockeys who had recently raised concerns regarding the “kick-back” and that the Polytrack was too “soft”.

Numerous samples from around the track has been taken for analysis and, being now in the 3-5 year period the track could be due for a “top-up”.

With the heavy rainfalls received, some sort of “leaching” could have taken place and a lot of the binding material of the track could now be sitting on the base pad.

It has been agreed that the track be turned “on its head” i.e. to lift all the material off the asphalt base and bring it to the top and re-mix it with the power harrow. The lower pad has not been touched since the track was laid. Simultaneously the track will be re-levelled.

“In order to facilitate the maintenance programme of the Poly Track, the race meeting scheduled at Greyville on 14 February 2018, has been switched to Scottsville” said Raf Sheik, Gold Circle Racing Executive.