THIS scene is what a handful of very fortunate people wake up to every day.

Equine behaviour therapist Malan du Toit (, submitted this photo taken at Drakenstein Stud Farm this morning. He tweeted, “Beautiful winter’s morning at Drakenstein stud farm. Breaking and pre-training the best!”


In the background (we think) are the Drakenstein Mountains with Victoria Peak, overlooking the true land of milk and honey.

Where we’d like to be today: In neighbouring Franschoek, sitting outside a restaurant with a real fancy name, sipping wine, eating oysters and ogling Afrikaans waitresses trying to speak English in their tight skirts.

Where we are: Filthy Johannesburg with its Mine Dumps, Smoggy Air, Power Outages, Lawless Taxis, In-The-Way Cyclists in their strange little caps, Muggers on One Corner, Blind Beggars and Coathanger Sales People on the Next.

Capetonians, when next we call you, “Bergies”, Or “Mountain Goats”, just raise your middle fingers, have another puff and go, like, “Shoooo Wow, Really…!?”


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