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Queen Of Smoke got up to win the race, but later an objection against her was controversially upheld (JC Photos).  

However, the 5500-career-winners legend Piere Strydom believes the correct decision was made and his reasons are interesting to hear.
However, Strydom says one has to go further back in the replay.
He said Habib was behind the slowing horse in front, but Mxoli then moves outward slightly creating the gap for Habib, who then naturally goes for it.
Strydom said Mxoli then retrospectively decides to try and force Habib behind the front horse again. i.e. he had realised his mistake in allowing a horse with plenty in the tank a gap and then tried to do what he should have done earlier, but Strydom points out that it is too late and doing it retrospectively is unfair riding.
In fact, Strydom believes Mxoli should also receive a suspension for his actions. 
It is in fact impossible to see it the same way the stipendiary stewards saw it because they have access to any angle at any stage of the race.
The replays available to the public on youtube only show the side on view and the 4Racingtv replay shows a limited head on view.
A freeze frame as the 4Racing head on replay starts backs up Strydom’s argument. There is at that stage enough room and Mxoli subsequently moves inward by about one horse width. 
The other question is whether Emerald Princess would definitely have beaten Queen Of Smoke but for the interference.
However, the scandal has moved on to worse ground than the rights and wrongs of the decision itself.
It turns out one of the stipendiary stewards who sat in on the objection process, and who was part of the decision-making process, is the father-in-law of the jockey who lodged the objection.
All and sundry agree this should never have been allowed to happen.