HE’s not feeling all that well after surgery on Tuesday, but popular race caller and Betting World Executive Nico “The Lion” Kritsiotis was sitting up and “fighting with nurses” when we contacted him this morning.

“I’m glad I sound upbeat, but I’m in a whole lot of pain. This will pass, I hope to be out and about soon,” he said.

Kritsiotis recently suffered a serious infection in the arm that he used for his dialysis prior to undergoing his kidney transplant in 2011.

He went under the knife on Tuesday for a vascular procedure to remove all the ports used during his renal failure and dialysis.

“Basically, the surgery linked arteries and veins to create a better system of drainage. My whole left arm was affected, from the shoulder blade to the wrist.”

Kritsiotis thanked friends and fans for their messages of support and said: “This will take time to heal, but I’m getting the right care and once this is done complications are unlikely to arise again.