FOLLOWING the death of the prominent Coolmore runner The Cliffsofmoher in the 2018 Melbourne Cup earlier this week, one young Australian racing fan pleads for more transparency, and more media work in relation to racehorse injuries and regulations, and how the horse is protected. “We need to explain this to the young people sitting on the fence!” he argues.

My name is Blake Matthews. I’m a 27 year-old Accountant who loves the racing industry – the punting, the horses and the excitement it all brings. I don’t belong to a family invested in racing, nor have a social circle consisting entirely of thoroughbred people.

But through my job and new friends, I have recently found a passion for the racing industry and am now a convert. I am a regular attendee at the track, a punter, and an owner. One of the people that has fallen in love with everything about the industry.

However, being outside the industry bubble – alongside the majority of my friends – I know the brutal reality of what it is like to try defend a sport that is increasingly falling out of touch with society. This week I have been relentlessly defending the industry, especially those currently on the fence about racing, which is most of young Australia. These people are having a hard time becoming invested in the industry, and the events of the Melbourne Cup were a huge amplification of this.

My generation are the future of the industry. The future big punters, the future owners, the future Everest slot holders. The future that will support this industry and keep it thriving.

And whilst everyone within the industry may realise that the death of The Cliffsofmoher was an anomaly, no one outside the industry knows this. What they see is 6 deaths in the last 5 Melbourne Cups, and think this is unacceptable. And frankly, they are right.

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