GG Gaming’s Gary Lentin reported solid money for three VDJ runners.

He said: “They’re still coming for Sean Tarry’s Tierra Del Fuego, bet after bet. Bunker Hunt has been backed from 8s into 7-1 and Soqrat’s into 10-1 from 12s, both getting significant interest.

GG Gaming will accommodate requests for “stretches” and punters can mail Kerry Hawke on with their queries.


4-1 (7-2) Belgarion,
9-2 Rainbow Bridge,
7-1 (8-1) Bunker Hunt
15-2 (8-1) Got The Greenlight
10-1 (12-1, 13-1) Soqrat,
13-1 (12-1) Vardy, Do It Again,
20-1 (25-1) Twist Of Fate,
22-1 (20-1) Shango
25-1 (22-1) Golden Ducat
25-1 (40-1) Tierra Del Fuego 33-1 and better the others.

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