IN a generation that has grown up with the ability to hold the world in their hand through a cell phone, there is still a place for an old-fashioned way of reaching people, especially in sports.

Television has indeed proven to be a saviour for entities ranging from football to poker, and in New York, it has also been the driving force behind the superlative growth of an Advance Deposit Wagering system belonging to horse racing’s biggest circuit.

Launched nationally in 2016 and branded NYRA Bets, the New York Racing Association’s ADW handled a meagre $7,245-million outside the Empire State in its first year. This year, there are expectations the wagering unit will handle more than $100 million beyond the borders of New York state.

The reason for a jump that would leave Michael Jordan envious?

Television. Lots of it.

“I can’t think of any sport that has ever been hurt by television,” said Tony Allevato, president of NYRA Bets and executive director of television. “People are going over the top with streaming, but they are still turning to television for news and sports.”

“Fox has made a giant commitment to horse racing when you look at the sheer amount of hours they are showing horse racing, and it’s beneficial to us and the sport,” Allevato said. “We’ve gone from zero to 60 in an amazingly short amount of time.” – Bloodhorse.