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Keanan Steyn is in hospital after his horse fell on the cinders track at Milnerton yesterday in a work out.
His guv’nor Piet Botha said this morning an MRI scan had been done and there were no breakages but he is in a lot of pain and there is a bit of swelling on his neck, so doctors suspect there might be a fracture of one of the vertebra.
Piet said Keenan was a lot “brighter” than he was yesterday.
He does have a slight tingling feeling in his right arm.
However, he does have full feeling in all limbs.
The prognosis is thus a lot better than was initially feared.
However, he will be going for more X-rays and scans today.
We wish Keanan a speedy recovery.
Picture: Keanen Steyn (photo: Tracy Robertson)