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Keanan Steyn (Picture: Sporting Post) 

Keanan Steyn is still being monitored and awaits further assessment after the terrible fall he had on Saturday on the cinders at Milnerton, which caused injury to his vertebrae.  

His guv’nor Piet Botha revealed Keanan’s C5 vertebra is fractured and he has two vertebrae which are compressed.
Doctors are more concerned about the compressed vertebrae. 
Keanan has no feeling down the right hand side of his arm at the moment.
Doctors are waiting for the swelling (on his neck) to go down and they should then be able to determine whether they can leave the compressed vertebrae to heal on their own or whether he will require surgery.
Piet revealed Keanan was actually lucky because if the impact had occurred about two centimetres higher the consequences would likely have been a lot worse.
He is hoping Keanan will be back soon and has advised him to stay positive, especially considering it could have been a lot worse.
Piet concluded, “He is booked for more scans and x-rays in two weeks time and they will then make another assessment, but at the moment he is booked off riding for six to eight weeks, which is a good sign because they are hopeful that when the swelling clears it might not be so bad.”