The former marketing manager of Gold Circle Ken Tweddell is responsible for the Hollywoodbets Durban July theme every year and explained the thinking behind this year’s one.

“It all happened during the lockdown period. I am quite a big aloe and orchid gardener and I noticed after a couple of months of lockdown there were all of sudden bees back in the garden. So they hadn’t been squashed by buses and cars and whatever is driving up and down the road and were actually starting to regenerate. I thought what a great theme for the Hollywoodbets Durban July. I did a lot of research into bees and different types of bees. One thing I read about was bees pollenating orchards. Apparently, there are farms where bees are produced for the sole purpose of taking them to orchards, so they can fly around pollenating the fruit trees to bring a greater fruit yield. It’s a fascinating subject and I just thought a great idea for the theme.”

He continued, “A lot of theme names were bandied about. The Hollywoodbets Durban July is all about making some money on a bet etc, so I came up with the title ‘Show Me The Money’. We then had a nice little rhyme in there with ‘money’ and ‘honey’ and it became ‘Show Me The Money, Honey’ but we thought it was a bit too long, so we changed it to ‘Show Me The Honey’, which is all about sweetness and success and honey is the most amazing curative substance too.”

Ken’s theme poem for this year’s big race: 

There’s a buzz in Mzanzi,
We’ve been patient a long while!
Swelling buds burst open,
And racegoers will be back in style.
Fashionistas all abustle,
Parading their creations.
Who will taste sweet success?

Couturier sensations!?

Bees dart from flower to flower,
Gathering pollen before sunset
Like punters look for info,
On which horse to place a bet.
But horseracing is what it’s all about,
And nothing could be sweeter.
Than to shout your fancy home,
The new equine world beater.