JILL Fox, who has made a name for herself pre-training at The Fort Stud, writes about her background and the experience she’s gained working with horses for high-profile clients.

Sledgehammer, Commentary, Majestic Crown, Extra Cover and King of Tonga, were a few of the stallions based at the stud I grew up on. I was fortunate to learn from great horsepersons, David Fox, John Slade, David Pinnel, Bev Rodseth, Brian and Anne Boyd and many other wonderful people, the great and privileged art of caring for and loving horses.

Anne Boyd who had just sold Summerhill Stud was my first client, very fussy and knowledgeable about the breeding and care of her horses. I learnt a lot from her. Tony Rivalland sent me my first horse for pre-training (she won 5 races) and has continued to support me over the years.

Herman Brown and his clients sent many talented horses here for pre-training, Orbison, Winter Fever, Precedent, West Germany to name a few. Rupert Plersch was also an amazing supporter with many of his great horses coming here for their pre-training and then later breeding.

I am very grateful to the studs who have supported me over the years, to name a few, Clifton Stud, Spring Valley, Scotts and Aldora, Backworth (just by the way, Chocolicious was here for pre-training).

Growing up with horses, and in those days, being too young to go racing, I did a lot of eventing, representing Natal 10 times in provincial teams, and being a member of an international eventing team. My best horse was Matra, given to me by Tiny Musgrave after he had finished his racing career.

David Stubbs bred a thoroughbred mare called Junita, where I achieved A grade jumping. Then I had this Stubbs bred a thoroughbred mare called Junita, where I achieved A grade jumping. Then I had this amazing thoroughbred by Alnwick, Ballachu, who I took to Prix St George dressage.

King of Kings stood here in his later years, and now we have Brave Tin Soldier who has continued to produce graded winners.

Frank Robinson who also sends his horses to me for pre-training, has just won a Grade 2 listed race with Love Bomb who we had the pleasure of pre training. The Nassif family have won many races with horses pre-trained with us and have also became involved in the breeding side of our outfit. Eric and Bev Grace, Brett van Laun are some of the few names amongst many who have supported our breeding and pre training programme. In 2018 I pre -trained and or bred 67 horses and that year I had 85 winners

Thank you to all the Owners and Trainers who support me. I wish to meet many more who would want to be involved in this rewarding and exciting business of bringing on the new generation of race horses. You are welcome to discuss pre-training of your National Sales purchases with me.

Jill Fox can be reached on info@thefortstud.co.za