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Picture: Jill Fox of the Fort Stud in the KZN Midlands (Candiese Lenferna Photography)

An appeal went out via Turf Talk and other publications earlier this week for help for well known KZN horsewomen Jill Fox of The Fort Stud after she had broken a femur after a bad fall, which left her in a wheel chair for two nights with no pain medication because she has not got medical aid.

The appeal was facilitated by the KZN Breeders and their chairperson Cathy Martin sent out the following heartwarming message earlier today:

Hello.  I can tell you all now that Jill is safely in Hilton Life and her surgery will be this afternoon.  She is quite tearful. I think the ordeal she’s been through and just total disbelief at everyone’s generosity.  From our side I have no words for the generosity shown by Breeders, Racing people and many in the showjumping community.  Also other equine disciplines. The response has been unprecedented.  To date we have raised just over R257 000 which should cover her costs.  Depending on aftercare etc if there is money left over we will use it to start some form of medical cover going forward.  Thank you ALL again.  I’m sure Jill will be in touch once this is all over.