THE Vodacom Durban July’s greatest attribute is also its worst: It gets everyone madly excited and talking about racing, which is wonderful. But after a while everyone starts confusing everyone else with dreams and theories and statistics and alleged whispers from insiders. The confusion grows dense, even expert racing brains get scrambled and the result: Most of us end up backing the wrong bloody horse!

Ok, at the risk of adding more confusion, here is our advice. Plain and simple. Bet on the Durban July runner that excites you most. The emphasis is on most. Those with good intuition will get it right perhaps five of 10 times; the rest perhaps three out of ten times. So much is this great race a part of the fabric of society that intuition arguably plays as big a role in determining the winner as outright form analysis.

In the 2016 Durban July, we are excited by the strong, solid form horse, French Navy. But the one that excites us most is Justin Snaith’s three-year-old, It’s My Turn.  Do us a favour: Scroll down to the link below showing the Cape Derby.  Look at him. Look at It’s My Turn. He is somewhat green, pulls a bit, shakes his head, eases twice, gets pulled out wide for a run, makes up maybe 12 lengths over the last 300m and wins easing up, the likes of Marinaresco and Black Arthur behind him, under the stick.

We like our horses like we like our women: Classy, a little wild and able to be pulled to the outside for action.

We may as well put our heads on the block. If it gets chopped off, we’ll grow it back before next year’s Vodacom Durban July.

One horse, at 10-1 if you’re lucky.

It’s My Turn.

Cape Derby Video




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