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October Morn impressed with her victory in the Gr 2 Cartier Sceptre Stakes, although the time for the event was actually slower than the Okapi International Ladies race surprisingly enough (Picture: Wayne Marks)

Turf Talk

Winning Form’s new website contains sectional timing information.


You will have to register or you can use your Hollywoodbets login details to get access to the site.

At The Races website in the U.K provide sectional timing data.


The article also provided the below tips, and these tips could possibly be applied to the data available in SA and will otherwise give food for thought.

Look for things that are out of the ordinary
When looking at the sectional times grid, try to spot those instances that go against the overall trend of the race. Sections when a horse is going faster or slower than the rest of the field, for instance, can highlight horses that have made race winning or losing moves by going too fast, or giving away ground.

Pay particular attention to the Early pace
The early pace sets the tone for what will follow. Our Pace Bar is an overall indicator of how the race was run and the Early Pace indicator gives you an instant snapshot. We’ve pulled this element through into our form pages so that you can see what the early pace was like instantly.

Familiarise yourself with trends at different tracks
Races at certain tracks are often run in a familiar style. Over a mile and further at Lingfield, for instance, runners often steady the pace at halfway before quickening from 2f out, whilst races run at Southwell tend to be strong from the start leading to a slower finish. Knowing how races at these tracks tend to be run can highlight whether a horse’s running style is suited to it.

Look at the Sectional Tools as a whole
Generally, the Sectional Tools are a variety of ways of displaying the same information. They should help you to form an overall view about a horse’s performance but don’t read too much into just one single aspect.

Watch out for the flame icon in the Finishing Speed % column
The flame icon indicates horses that have finished particularly strongly off a weaker than ideal pace. In some races several horses will be highlighted but in others it will just be a single horse. Look out for horses that have performed well and earned a flame icon as they are probably better than the run indicates; a stronger pace is likely to suit such horses next time.

Inefficiency can be both a good and a bad thing
When a horse runs in an ‘inefficient’ style that is a strong indicator that it has more ability than the run suggests, provided it can race more efficiently. However, it is worth remembering that some horses will always struggle to run to their optimum. Try to figure out why the horse ran inefficiently – was it inexperience? Is the horse a ‘closer’ that didn’t get a strong enough early pace? Is the horse a front-runner that was taken on for the lead? When it next runs ask yourself if today’s conditions are likely to suit the horse better? Equally, respect horses that have a proven record of racing efficiently – they are the ones most likely to run to form.

Remember to watch the replay too
Sectional Times can tell us things that purely watching the video can’t, but that’s true in vice-versa too and they are best used alongside video replays. Start by looking at the sectional grid and try to get a picture of what happened in the race, then watch the race over knowing what you are looking out for.