WE have “Frankelwatch” here at Turf Talk as we keep an eye on the progeny of the racetrack legend. “Finchwatch” is perhaps our next regular as we track the movements of racing’s intrepid traveller Brian Finch, whose every day starts with a cup of coffee and then the hard decision where in the racing world his travels will be taking him next.

On Saturday, Brian posted this photo of  jockey Grant van Niekerk with 2016 Equus Champion Three-Year-old Colt Marinaresco, winner of the recent Mike and Carol Bass Gr1 Champions Cup, posing at Candice Bass-Robinson’s Milnerton stable.

Marinaresco was assigned a 110 merit rating after the Champions Cup and handicapper Mathew Lips said about the decision to raise the classy colt by just one point: “It was not the strongest Gr 1. In time he will probably be running to a lot higher, but for now he is running to a 110.”