JOCKEY Gavin Lerena is recovering at home after an operation to remove a growth was performed on his left eye on Monday.

Lerena, who noticed something in his eye last February, was advised to “wait six months” and a Pterygium Excision with Conjunctivital flap graft was finally carried out yesterday. Lerena’s doctor noted that he won’t be required to spell those words from memory after the operation, and the jock was in good spirits this morning.

Tex Lerena, Gavin’s father, noted: “The growth had increased in size and in time it could’ve caused him trouble seeing. It was getting closer to the cornea so they finally decided to remove it. It’s a routine operation performed regularly and there won’t be repercussions. Gavin will have to wear an eye patch for 10 days and he will be able to ride again in two weeks.”


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