SOUTH Africa’s top radio personality, Gareth Cliff, has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to “take his boot of our throats!”.

In a message broadcast on his Cliff Central morning show, Cliff, in the clear, concise and no-nonsense way he is known for, said: “When you (Ramaphosa), speak of a social compact, it goes both ways. Our patience is growing thin!”

For the full message, that carries the support of Turf Talk and our readers, listen on link below.”


  1. Stop your lockdown zuma or ramaphosa is boss of South Africa’s God is it is he.s land so stop your bullshit lockdown

  2. The Covid19 virus isn’t as dangerous as the world has made it out to be. We need to build a herd immunity. Stop this lock down nonsense and let’s start up the economy again.