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Bernard Fayd’Herbe has been suspended for a year and fined 100,000 Mauritian rupees after being adjudged by the Mauritian authorities to have cost a horse victory by not riding him vigorously enough in a race on Saturday, May 13.

However, South Africa’s NHA’s rule 91.1.3 coupled with Appendix C in the rule book allows a rider suspended by specified horseracing authorities abroad, including Mauritius, to appeal against the suspension abroad within 90 days of the finalisation of the appeal hearing.
The appointed committee out here may amend and/or vary and/or reduce the penalty accordingly as they deem fit in their sole discretion.
Snaith Racing have announced they would like Fayd’Herbe to ride Pomp And Power in the Hollywoodbets Durban July.
The wheel or the racing law will have to move quickly in order for that to happen and it appears by the wording of rule 91.1.3 Fayd’Herbe might have to appeal the suspension in Mauritius first.

A look at the video of the race (above) shows his Dominic Zaki-trained mount Castle Of Glass being caught wide in the running in the joint lead.

After being given a reminder around the turn Castle Of Glass enters the straight in front.

Fayd’Herbe is not ultra-vigorous and uses the whip sparingly.

However, on the other hand the horse had been caught wide in the running and it was his second run after a layoff.

Fayd’Herbe might well have been attempting to coax a tiring horse home.

It must be borne in mind the straight at Champ De Mars is an uphill climb.

Weight is lended to the tiring argument, because the horse then begins hanging right despite the whip being in the right hand.

Fayd’Herbe has to put the stick away at this point in order to straighten him.

In the end he just fails to get there in time.

Incidentally, in the process of hanging right, Castle Of Glass interfered with the fastest finisher.

A look at a previous race of Castle Of Glass’s shows he does not respond any differently in the straight to a vigorous ride (see below video).

A Mauritian publication describes the incident thus (translated):

The People’s Turf Club jockey, Bernard Fayd’herbe will have time to reflect on his ride to Castle Of Glass in the third race on Saturday 14th May. He received a one-year suspension under rule 43.1 for not riding his horse vigorously. He will also have to pay a fine of Rs 100,000. The racing stewards are of the opinion that this lack of vigor in the straight line cost the victory to Castle Of Glass. Dominique Zaki’s horse just failed against Arlingtons Revenge.

One of the ironies is that Fayd’Herbe has been in devastating form recently on the island.

In his three meetings prior to this one he had had eight wins in eleven rides, including a perfect four-timer on 29 April.

In his rides after the incident he has had two wins in three rides.

Fayd’Herbe was involved in another incident on the island recently when booked off after the first race for failing a breathalyser test.

However, after an investigation it was found the breathalyser was uncalibrated and he was found not guilty.

Instead the People’s Turf PLC CEO Khulwant Ubheeram pleaded guilty on a charge relating to the uncalibrated breathalyser before the Horse Racing Division commissioners on April 24 and was fined Rupees 100,000.

About three meetings after the CEO had been fined the People’s Turf PLC’s jockey Bernard Fayd’Herbe was suspended for one year.