HONG Kong based racing blogger, Racing Bitch, celebrates the return to form of 13-times HK Champion Jockey, Douglas Whyte.

He writes:

“Some say, Douglas Whyte is back, to which I ask, When did he leave? Last season had its ebbs and flows for this legendary- and legendary is a word often used too lightly- South African horseman who arrived in Hong Kong for the 1997-98 season a complete unknown, like a Rolling Stone, and ruled the Jockeys Premiership for thirteen consecutive years. But that’s the past.

“He’s looking happier, he’s riding winners with the deceiving ease that’s been his trademark, and there’s that steely determination expected of the jockey everyone agrees is the consummate professional.

“Sure, Douglas and I have had our ups and downs. Being too close to anyone makes one guarded. And so it’s been with my long term friendship with Douglas Whyte. Long term relationships simply don’t last in Hong Kong, especially in horse racing, but I would like to think that our’s has survived because of being able to say something very simple: Sorry. Still friends?”

Read more here as The Bitch meets with Whyte and Felix Coetzee in a Hong Kong restaurant.