AS Racing Victoria of Australia considers go-it-alone whip reform if other states lag behind, the state of New York is about to accelerate towards a possible whip ban.

Stakeholders will be asked for their input at a New York State Gaming Commission board meeting next month but a board member seemed quite clear about the need for reform in an article in this week’s US Bloodhorse.

Peter Moschetti said “from my perspective, it’s time to move on that.”

He said regulators in New York state would be considering “everything from an outright ban.”

The state of New Jersey will ban the whipping of horses from January next year. Jockeys in New Jersey will be able to use the whip for safety, which is consistent with the Racing Victoria whip position,revealed earlier this month to mixed reaction.

States such as California and Kentucky have begun whip reform but have not (yet) decided to ban itcompletely.

There is symmetry between the whip story both in Australia and in the US.

RV was criticised for stating its position outside aRacing Australia-driven agenda regarding the whip and was criticised by RA and Racing NSW for talking publicly outside boardroom confidentiality.

US Bloodhorse reported that “some industry officials have complained about the ad hoc rules that can change from state to state.”

Also mirroring the Australian whip experience, Moschetti proposed that regulators could consider restricting whip strikes and banning overhand whipping.

State Gaming Commission chairman Barry Sample said: “I think that this is a matter that needs to be brought to closure … It’s been out there too long.”

An internal Gaming Commission report completed in July regarding the whip will not be revealed publicly.

Whipping was to have been banned in the UK for the first-time during a new Racing League jockey series during their summer but the series was cancelled due to coronavirus.

UK racing’s governing body, the British Horseracing Authority, has been grappling with
the future of the whip after receiving reform recommendations from the independent Horse
Welfare Board.

Racing Victoria chief executive Giles Thompson said last November that he believed the whip would be banned within 10-15 years and leading owner Lloyd Williams has been a strong advocate for banning the whip. – From