FOLLOWING the successful launch of commingling into a Tabcorp Jackpot pool on the Flemington race meeting in Melbourne on Saturday, TAB will offer commingled Jackpot bets on selected Australian meetings daily from today, Monday 9 March.

TAB online customers will be able to play a Jackpot (called a Quaddie in Australia) on one or more selected Australian meetings for thoroughbreds daily.

The vast majority of such meetings are run in the afternoon in Australia and Jackpot pools generally close from 06.30 to 07:30 South African time.

TAB will also operate a commingled Jackpot pool on a selected Australian harness meeting daily. Most harness meetings in Australia are run at night and Jackpots on such meetings normally close from 11:00 onwards South African time, enabling TAB in-store customers to bet as well.

“Commingled Jackpots on Australian races are an exciting opportunity for our customers and will provide the chance to bet into sizeable, and sometimes mega, pools,” said a TAB spokesperson.

The net pool on the Flemington Jackpot on Saturday was some R25 million.

The commingled Jackpot pool late in the morning will replace the existing Jackpot Quickmix ONE, which comprised Australian races only.

Going forward there will be three Jackpot Quickmixes daily – the first usually ending with Race 1 at the afternoon South African race meeting; the second starting with the last race at the same South African meeting and the third normally comprising UK races in early evening.

BLITZ Racing, which comprises the last three races at the afternoon South African meeting and the best four international races in a suitable timeframe, will continue as normal.

Horseplayers can bet a Place Accumulator, a Pick 6 and what is effectively a Jackpot Quickmix on the seven BLITZ races.

TAB customers must note that there is no fractional betting on comingled Australian Jackpot pools. The unit is R1 with a minimum spend of R6 and it is not possible to display tickets going forward or will pays.