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Original Turf Talks Editor’s Entertaining Style Of Writing Can Be Looked Forward To Weekly On Tab4Racing


4Racing is pleased to welcome racing scribe, Charl Pretorius, to our editorial team.

Charl will be launching a brand-new weekly column, ‘Off The Record’, starting this Saturday, 11 November 2023.

Charl says, “It is a column to entertain with regional racing stories that haven’t been told or haven’t made it into print. Racing lends itself to such funny stories, sometimes bizarre and unbelievable stories that really lend colour and context to our sport. I will be drawing on my experiences of 35 years in the game to take people behind the scenes of South African horses and horsemen and share some of the untold funny, interesting and entertaining stories from across our racing landscape.”

The column will be posted weekly on under Off The Record.