TODAY, we meet Joe Sharabati, who lives near San Francisco in California and runs a new podcast focusing on international racing. He says that, purely by chance, he has come to love South African racing, which he now promotes on his show, ‘And Away They Joe’.

Joe tells Turf Talk that he started following horse racing in the US in 2012, watching and betting on tracks across America. Later, he says, he discovered Australian racing when he was up late working at his ‘real job’ and wanting a punt in his time zone.

He says: “I started really enjoying Australian racing at around 2014 and just like everyone else, fell in love with Winx. I used to help out a lot with Sky Racing World (I don’t work for them, I just volunteer to help out with promoting International racing) and a lot of people within the Twitter community in the US started playing on racing from overseas countries as well.”

“We’ve had access here recently to bets which are similar to your Place Accumulator and the Bi-Pot. We also have the Jackpot which is really popular here. Starting earlier this year during the pandemic, I branched off into more countries. I started watching racing in Japan, South Korea, South Africa and Singapore. All our betting is on the tote. There are no fixed odds and no bookmakers. Our pools are comingled with UK, SAF and US. So, we are able to get in on the big pools there.

“We’ve had a lot of guests from the industry come on the podcast like Matt Dinerman who is the track announcer at Golden Gate Fields (my home track) and I grew up watching Trevor Denman at Del Mar. Bob Werley is the English commentator for the NAR in Japan, Alastair Middleton is a commentator and presenter in South Korea, and I like your own race caller and presenter, Alistair Cohen. We recently had Alistair on our podcast.

“Right now, we’re trying to branch out all international racing to the North American markets. I believe that a lot of the best racing is also everywhere around the world. This is why I distribute SAF racing North America. I help them with promoting international racing. For our American audience it comes on at like 3am here in California time. Since Sky Racing World Took over the feed here, we’re trying to get a bigger audience for a punt. The payouts are really good on your races so we can entice the gamblers to play SAF.

“I bet on almost every track around the world and here in the States. In South Africa, I’ve been getting familiar with all the tracks, but I pretty much have a punt on whatever is on.

“Out of all of them I really like Turffontein. I seem to have the best luck there and I love the straight six (6 furlong straight no turns) races that you have in South Africa. We don’t have any straight races other than the quarter horses here.

“I’ve also been a big fan of Trevor Denman who is pretty much a mainstay here. Everyone in Southern California knows his voice and he is considered one of the Icons in Horse Racing within North America. I’ve travelled around the US to all of our tracks like Saratoga, Del Mar, Gulfstream Park, Santa Anita. I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to travel soon to other tracks around the world once this Pandemic is over.” – tt.

Listen to Alistair Cohen interview here.

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